AJ is on a mission of revenge and she’s brought Bombshell along to share the fun. A year ago 2 a dirty kickboxer cheated her brother of his title to become World Champion and AJ’s come to win it back. Whilst Bombshell occupies his two henchmen with some serious brutality, AJ takes her prey apart in 3 rounds. She could have defeated him in seconds but she wants to humiliate him with her dazzling array of kicks, throws, punches, chops, punches and witty one-liners.  By the time the girls are finished with them, they’ll wish they’d never been born.


4 Responses to “KICKASS BOXER + Bonus AJ Interview!”

  1. Alfred Says:

    Nice one. The girls look very hot and their kicks very sexy. It looks like this one will be a big shot and a bestseller. I’m just guessing, I haven’t see the video yet.
    After seeing it I’ll tell you what I really think about it.

  2. Alfred Says:

    Ok I’ve watched it. GEEZUS!!! This is definitely the best clip EVER!!!

  3. Base Says:

    super because its barefeet kicking

  4. Cashley Says:

    Loved this one. First of all, there’s something about A.J. She just gets this stuff and how to present it. Also, the schtick was particularly hot: how she turns her back on on a guy she’s working over and announces it; how she lets him swing at her or announces what she’s going to do. How she strips his shirt off. The attitude is great. And the fight choreography was terrific.

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