BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL JADE STARS WITH THE GODDESS DIVA AS THE WORLDS SEXIEST KICKASS SECRETARIES! When local thug Blatter tries to take over the business the Secretaries lie in wait. Dressed in high heels, stockings and pencil skirts, these devastating beauties rip apart the gang of Ninjas without even breaking a sweat! With total confidence these 2 brutal bombshells high kick, karate chop, knee, punch and strangle these highly trained assassins and enjoy every second of it. 1 on 1 goes easily but can the girls take 2 on 1?  At over 15 minutes, this is not to be missed.

3 Responses to “THE KICKASS AWAKENS”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Peachy blonde Jade is very girly and another welcome addition to the impressive KAK roster.

    Some crap outfit is wasting tons of money sending in “Ninjas” who can’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Kandy girls can handle anything thrown at them but really the “assassins” they deal with here must be the most pathetic lot yet. Still it’s fun to watch the gals being deadly, taking on one after another. And then there were none…

    I did enjoy this video for the as ever up to standard action and classy setting, stairway included. There is one small criticism and a comment to which I attach some importance.

    Diva is a personal favourite of mine and has a superb full figure, therefore can I make a suggestion that she has better fitting outfits? Love the one she has in the new Kandy Krisis #8 for instance. No problems there with the silver catsuit and very sensibly (without looking any the worse) the boots have NO spike heels.

    Including spike heels on footwear on set is a hazard surely waiting to happen when carrying out kick moves? What do other viewers think?

  2. Fanmax Says:

    Diva knees one Ninja guy between his legs as we get halfway and later on kicks another in the nuts before breaking his neck.

  3. asd Says:


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