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THE KICKASS WARRIOR QUEEN IS UNIVERSE’S MOST PERFECT WOMAN – BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL AND INVINCIBLE. She has been challenged by the Herc, the strongest and fiercest man in the Universe for ultimate supremacy in a fight to the death, the Queen accepts. What happens next is history in the making, the ultimate battle of the sexes when the two most powerful beings go fist to fist. It doesn’t take long for the Queen to exert her superiority with her incredible legs and fists – her kicks and punches are devastating,  but does she have what it takes to destroy him for all eternity?


  1. meret81 Says:

    best fight ever!!!!! more of kix against superhero!

  2. Jay Says:

    Is this a back and forth match or mostly one sided ?

  3. Archie Says:

    I agree , I love superhero beatup , You can involve unmasking or semi stripping.
    Great fight , this is maninly one sided.

  4. Fanmax Says:

    This has to be Kix’s sexyest encounter, an M/F in skirts! All credit for the guy downing his hatchet to take her on hand to hand and actually getting some hefty blows in (though only at the beginning). Great gut-punching in there as well as everything else. Eventually it’s a test of brawn against Kix’s superior speed and ruthlessly used, more scientific, skill. Kix employs to punishing effect classy and trademark proper boots (his budget only extends to untrendy Bovver ones apparently) and has a mean power to her punches. Glad she dispensed with the token Wonderwoman headband as she continues, mainly intent on achieving humiliation. Also that she doesn’t kill him for I’d love to see a rematch (where hopefully her challenger learns to pick up a bigger battery of unarmed combat skills, including trying to squeeze the breath out of her, to keep it even more interesting).

  5. erpitta Says:

    Comments about ballbusting have been deleted because…drum rolls…guess what, there are no ballbusting whatsoever throughout the video.

    And someone keeps deleting them…

  6. jack Says:

    Excuse me what was the name of actress.

  7. Viller Says:

    I wish KAK wasn’t so sensitive and listen to criticism.

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