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TWO VIXENS! GOOD and BAD. Double the action!  Bad Vixen wants to kill annoying spy Austin Flowers. She ties up Good Vixen and steps into her boots, joining Flowers on a mission… and the sabotage commences! Meanwhile Good Vixen escapes and beats up every guy who gets in her way – she lets fly with a flurry of devastating high kicks, punches and mesmerising karate, totally destroying these trained men with ease but it’s a battle against the clock to reach Flowers in time…..

  • Fanmax

    This spoof of a spoof is particularly distinguished by having extra twists. The KAK girls (and guys) always get into the fun spirit in these mini-mayhem masterpiece filmlets. Northern posh regular Vixen is a prime example, demonstrating her versatility in two roles.

    “Good” Vixen wears a slinky white outfit well. I like her cool/hot Badass version even more.

    She always looks so great in full-body catsuit and matching boots (in that mode she can beat me up anytime). Halfway and onwards things get really interesting. First “Good” V has to take on a tougher guard than usual.

    Meanwhile Evil V is now ready to polish off Austin, er that is Austin Flowers, even regarding it as practically a duty (he annoys the hell out of everyone). Despite his gawkiness he actually puts up a good fight and at one point literally kicks her shapely arse.

    Expect the unexpected in this one.