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SUPERSPY DIVA IS ON THE RAMPAGE. Someone has stolen the secret formula for her favourite shampoo and she’s on a mission to get it back. It’s serious business and she takes no mercy. She finds the gang of thieves and systematically rips apart ALL 10 OF THEM – at the same time. This gymnastic hitgirl flips, splits and high kicks her way to justice. In one of the devastating and kickassiest displays ever, Diva stops at nothing to get the secret back.

5 Responses to “KICKASS BEYOND”

  1. JadeOwl Says:

    As expected this one blew my mind away by how much Diva has improved in her fight choreography skills. She has gotten specially better with the punching. The kicks also looked more solid, but I attribute that to the flat soled boots she was wearing.

    The cinematography I believe is the correct term, was also top notch. I loved the scene in the parking lot where you have Diva and all ten guys in the frame at the same time and you can also see her do her thing.

  2. opponent12 Says:

    solo diva videos need to happen more often haha

  3. Fanmax Says:

    Diva has always been a personal favourite of mine. Her trademark flips simply are awesome and she is developing into being one of KAK’s great all rounders. I actually believed, in this film anyway, that she could take on ten guys at once in the splendid bar room to car park brawl. Some amusing play is made with a hairbrush between-times, some of which may have been improvised.

  4. Flux Says:

    I understand my comment, despite that I’ve been a customer will get deleted and honest feedback isn’t something you guys can’t handle. I bought this video and now wish I could get a refund. The 8 men minus the two regulars proved good looks isn’t enough. You must be able to act! They don’t even know how to respond to the hits. Worse of all, NO BALLBUSTS? WTF? That’s the number 1 reason why I come to this website. Cute guys getting hit in the balls and that can give a superb aftermath is not hard to ask for, especially when many of us have been loyal customers. I will understand not everyone takes constructive criticism very well so if this gets deleted at least I know it’s been read. Please add some diversity too. I loved you guys had some gorgeous black men before. Cast some of them, and deliver a ton of groin strikes. I say that with lots of love.

  5. Flux Says:

    P.S. The description said there were splits. There were none! 🙁 I thought you guys would have her deliver those split punches you guys have the other ladies do. That was what had me think you guys would have good groin strikes and well I and probably other got mislead with disappointment. Hense why the star ratings are low.

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