EXPLOSIVE FIGHTING FEMALE ACTION STARRING EMMANUELLE AND HOLLY HARDCORE! These two gorgeous girl action stars are hunting for mischief and when they stumble upon an underground fighting den they get excited. Emmanuelle, the ultra flexible martial artist, and Holly, the ultra brutal dominatrix, are about to make the hustle of a lifetime, beat the guys for every dollar they own and then destroy them for fun. These high kicking, gymnastic beating, ko punching, axe kicking, karate chopping, low blowing, ubersexy fighting goddess are going to blow your minds!   

3 Responses to “K IS FOR KICKASS (HD)”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    This must be a first, guys on losing an arm wrestling contest get huffy and with their fists knock the girls out (if only temporarily). Same guys soon get to regret that of course! Great to see super-gymnastic Emmanuelle back. Even in bare feet she kicks butt. Newcomer Holly gets in some powerful punches and does excellent destruction by boots, whether by cartwheel flip or, when also taking them off, using them like a strangle scarf. These are not firsts but always welcome variations on how to demolish the opposition

  2. tim Says:

    When you buy these videos are they a video( like download) or dvd

  3. Guest Says:

    It’s a download. You get the link right after you pay.

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