KICK ASS: With A Vengeance

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KICK ASS: With A Vengeance

Vixen has to break up a very naughty deal between two devilishly devious terror organisations. She’s catsuited and thighbooted up and ready for some serious action and its perfectly obvious that her fighting skills are way too much for all these naughty boys to handle. “One of the most devastating displays of kick assery ever from the almighty Vixen. She is surely a special one.” Jose Mourinho.

6 Responses to “KICK ASS: With A Vengeance”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Absolutely fantastic.
    Vixen= sexy power.

  2. potti Says:

    Vixen is simply my favourite ever Kandygirl and I don’t think i’ve enjoyed a film of hers more than this one, its quite simply breathtaking. She is so wonderfully sculpted in that skin tight cat suit and her attitude is 1000% sexy – she smiles throughout the entire fight like its not only just easy but fun too. Her movement is wonderful, she has such power in her punches and dexterity in her kicks, she combines grace and glamour like no other. The axe kick is stunning! the spinning kicks are gorgeous, the powerful downward punches are devastating and her ability to convincingly beat up 2 guys at the same time is unbelievable. You continually up your game Kandyman and this site is miles ahead of anything else.

  3. Goose Says:

    i’ve just watched this movie again and I have to say, this contains possibly the greatest fight sequence i have ever seen. I don’t say this lightly but the 1 v 2 scene at the top of the film is mind blowing, some incredible kicks, truly stunning axe kick and punches that are so powerful they could kill.


  4. Jack Says:

    This is perhaps my favourite KAK film…indeed, for the first time in the films I’ve seen, one of the women (Vixen) even resorts to using a choke to put down one of the guys.

    I must say, I’d love to see the KAK women take on a blonde haired Adonis, almost as a pet. You know…they are grooming him…he gets to knock out the odd bad guy…but at the end of the day, he’s their pup, doing as he’s told!

    It’d be a wonderful thing to see for us bi-guys who appreciate the beauty in the KAK performers. 😉

  5. dswz257 Says:

    Got to be my all time favourite Kick Ass movie.
    Vixen looks totally awsome in that catsuit and boots.
    Her moves are fantastic and she is the sexiest thing since emma peel!
    Please can we have some more of Vixen kicking ass solo in that same outfit?

  6. boss man Says:

    That head butt would break a persons nose real bad

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