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TOTAL KICKASS ACTION FANTASY! Kix is kidnapped and tied up by a gang of 4 thugs intent on extracting valuable information but when she convinces them to untie her all hell breaks loose!  INCREDIBLE KIX FIGHTING ACTION! Using her unique brand of unarmed combat Kix has to fight her way through 4 muscular hardmen and escape.  SEXY FIGHT ACTION Dressed in skin tight leather and killer boots she unleashes more pain, beatdowns and humiliation than any single man can take – but what happens when all 4 of them take her on?  BONUS Kix is then joined by a mystery catsuited and booted fighting heroine to add even more action to this ACTION FILLED FEMALE FIGHTING EPIC.

One Response to “KANDYWOOD”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Kix knows just how to play these excellently done filmlets. Here in a classic gleaming KickAss’y black outfit, with long boots, metes out to goons those delicious beatdowns with such humourous, well-timed élan. She keeps it fresh and witty and is a wonder to watch. Also love those ferocious looks she gives in the heat of action.
    There’s also a welcome development in that the guys are permitted to take more back and forth part in the action.
    The quipping dialogue is such fun. Great hallmark KAK slams to the face and body aplenty here (and it’s not always one-sided).
    New girl looks pretty cool too, in black catsuit, and has a few short smart moves of her own.
    I wouldn’t mind being one of the guys on the receiving end of the Kandylicious dames!

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