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Double Trouble! High Kicking, power punching, karate chopping female action!  Mad Tommy is the undefeated underground champion of the world, he’s so arrogant he’s laid down a challenge to any man brave or stupid enough to take him on.  Of course no man alive can beat Tommy but there are 2 girls who think they can! Enter JJ and Skarlet…high heeled boots, stockings, leather, complete confidence and total arrogance. If they can beat Tommy they’ll get all the money he’s earnt from his 200 victories. That’s millions!  Watch how these beauties toy with him…but watch out, Tommy is the deadliest maniac on the planet.

2 Responses to “KANDYLANDER”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    So one says to him “Bet you’ve never been beaten up by a girl before”. To which our guy (aka Tommy in this episode) wearily replies “Saying that…” This time our beardy guy plays an as yet undefeated champion brawler, undefeated that is until, instead of beefy guys taking him on as before, it’s two shapely, determined and ruthless ladies. He has long since become the undisputed record holder for getting thrashed through girlpower, and they find a moment to call him “cute” as he lies at their (long booted) feet. I wouldn’t mind ending up staring at the ceiling after those two got to work on me. Would however preferred to have seen him deliver more belly punches back before going down…

  2. danny feiock Says:

    Why is it that JJ or Skarlett never get their own single videos? I want to know lol…

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