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NOTORIOUS CAT BURGLAR DEVIL DIVA ON AN ASS KICKING SPREE!  Devil Diva breaks into a well known gangster’s safe and steals a shed load of priceless jewellery, the only thing is, she gets caught red handed….it’s as if she wanted to kick ass all along!  After delivering a series of humiliating beatdowns to the two henchmen and then the boss she swaggers out….only to be confronted by all 3 men at once, they have bats but she has boots….

4 Responses to “KANDYHEIST”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Our lady catburglar has the cheek to try and waltz away with a strongarm outfit’s ill-gotten gains? What a nerve! But then they are up against the devastating charm and ruthlessness of (the always pleasure to see) Diva. She with the glorious mane of hair and a figure to die for gets to work inflicting gleeful mayhem on three thugs, sometimes all at the same time. Set in one of my favourite indoor locations at one point it takes on an Alice in Wonderland aspect as she tries the stairs, looking for an elusive exit before the final confrontation.

    Things therefore don’t always go her way and she too takes the odd beating. Still smiling she takes all challenges in her stride. Most of the time it’s the burly guys who are getting the pain, to fall beneath her long boots. Yep, they get a whack in with batons and throw punches into her face and stomach, some of which she even invites. To little avail for not only is Diva beautiful (as all Kandy girls are) but especially strong, gymnastic and, in this particular universe, has no trouble outpunching back practically any male. Nor can they kick like she does and at least one is recipient of a ballbust (e.g. around the five minute mark).

  2. diva_fan Says:

    Is there ballbust by DIVA???????

  3. Fanmax Says:

    Nae’d spotted the last line wot I wrote…?

  4. John Says:

    Can we see more of Diva from Kandyheist?

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