GORGEOUS SKYLAR IN TOTAL KICKASS ACTION! Deadly female operative Skylar had her memory wiped by the Treadstone syndicate but it’s not long until she starts to remember who she is and just how deadly she is. With multiple missions in multiple outfits Skylar unleashes her beautiful brutality in her corset, catsuit, leather mini skirt, heels and her sexy boots. This knockout punching, high kicking, gymnastic, acrobatic one women force of destruction is poetry and extreme violence in motion and when her story climaxes there can only be one winner…but will it be her?

3 Responses to “THE KANDY TREATMENT”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Skylar dreams shortish fantasies that she is an unarmed combative avenging angel meting justice to apparently the same villain up to various no-good thingys in three different locations (apparently it’s not out of place for one dream to have a London Transport bus in Cuba!). This is a fair novel concept and she looks sexy in action appearing in a variety of kickass outfits. Quite why she chooses to remove her boots at one point when kicking the bloke about is odd, but then again it’s only a dream. Or is it? See and find out.

  2. Ahamd Fathy Says:

    I need this clip please but i don’t have credit

  3. opponent12 Says:

    Some really awesome athletics and cool spin kicks she uses, why isn’t she in more videos?

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