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Brutal mixed fighting epic with a bonus!  Kix is hunting down a notorious mad scientist, she furiously demolishes every guard in his facility with her legendary brand of high octane man destroying skills but then finds herself uncharacteristically in peril!  The mad scientist, after knocking her out, forces an experimental superhuman drug on Kix turning her into his slave…. with her new superhuman strength she becomes his ultimate weapon but can she snap out of it or will she be lost forever?

5 Responses to “KANDY OF STEEL – MOVIE (HD)”

  1. frk1974 Says:

    Wow I waited for something like this so long… It would be great to see also Red with the same superpowers and her hard abs! 🙂 I’m going to buy this now.

  2. pulphead Says:

    I already did and it is amazing! keep them coming 🙂

  3. Fanmax Says:

    Kix is even stronger more badass and gorgeous. The mad scientist hunky stalwart guy (Jon if I am correct) with whom she literally wipes the floor certainly gives us our money’s worth as do the gals. Glad to see him TRY to duff her up, only to hurt his hand on her face! The punches and kicks have got ever more solid reali

  4. haraldo Says:

    The scene in the chair is a bit rough

  5. netcurse2000 Says:

    This is absolutely awesome video! Kix is strong and beautiful.
    And the scene on the chair … If she rip the chains …
    More super strength scenes, please.

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