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DANGER!! THIS MOVIE IS SERIOUSLY HOT. When MI5 try to take down the Badass Kandygirls they get a big surprise…..their entire force are destroyed by 2 gorgeous supermodels in heels! Silver and Gold star in this festival of high kicking, karate chopping, kickboxing, face breaking, knee smashing, stomach busting brutality …..and there’s only one winner…..and it ain’t the good guys.

3 Responses to “KANDY SQUAD”

  1. Neo Says:

    I bought it and loved it, especially the groin hits!!!! You can never have enough of those! I loved it! Keep busting more!!! 🙂 Bust them all! 🙂

  2. Fanmax Says:

    Just come across this and already one of my faves. It’s so funny yet has loads of sexy hard-hitting action and one big guy gets in a hammer blow at Red (he pays for that of course).
    Couldn’t make my mind up whether I preferred Red or Gold, they’re both hot!

  3. Fanmax Says:

    Can’t resist your girls delivering and taking punches (don’t recall any of the guys stomach-punching Gold before) and of course their trademark devastating sexy kicks with those gorgeous long leather boots. That guy being beaten up in the container really threw himself into those walls (of the reinforced type, on which the girls test out their bare knuckles and thereby adding to the great sound effects). Silver and Gold are both on great form and so glad not to have missed this.

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