the last kandy hunter

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the last kandy hunter

KIX. LEATHER DRESS. STOCKINGS. BOOTS. SUPER-STRENGTH. TOTAL ACTION! Kix is in devastating form in this all action epic! Dressed to kill she infiltrates the enemy base to audition as a pole dancer but it’s soon clear that this fierce femme is more than a match for them. With her high kicks, spin kicks, karate, kick boxing and a big smile she brutally dishes out an incredible beat down to the entire gang and when she steps up her game to super strength, abs of steel and throat lifts they know they’re about to be totally humiliated and destroyed by the hottest action babe on the planet. But is this one woman action force about to be brought down to size? When she eventually comes face to face with her super strength match it’s a fight to the death with only one winner…. 

2 Responses to “the last kandy hunter”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Great fun even if the bit where Kix takes a viciously swung crowbar in the face without a murmur is perhaps taking us into NGC-style superheroine territory too far. Nice outfit (I have a thing about black leather, which always looks good on Kandy girls) and a swish setting (balaclavas mandatory?). Well worth waiting for the showdown ending where the top dog guy (almost) matches her. I just love her out-punching tough opposition particularly.

  2. Alberto Caeiro Says:

    Bought and enjoyed a lot! Hope to see more scenes of superbreath too!

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