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RED HOT AMBER IS READY FOR ACTION AND THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL! When Amber discovers the 2 guys who put her boyfriend in hospital she’s ready to dish our her own personal revenge with the most humiliating beat down of their lives. These heavyweight boxers can’t believe their luck when, wearing her hotpants and boots, this supermodel beauty enters their gym – by the end of it they wish they’d never been born. Zipping off her boots she takes on each guy in the ring – it’s back and forth but she then steps it up with her high kicking, thunder punching gymnastic fight skills and it’s just too much for them. Zipping up her boots she offers to take them both on at the same time…. COULD THIS BE THE MOST HUMILIATING BEATDOWN OF THEIR LIVES?


  1. Fanmax Says:

    Bootylicious Amber is on a revenge mission and in a gym boxing ring challenges the two attendant hulking guys who badly beat up her boyfriend (and who is still recuperating).
    They think she is joking. She shows otherwise of course, sometime even taking on both at once! She looks powerful. The virtually guaranteed KAK trademarks of superb and physically adept timing all round and excellent action choreography (plus great spot-on sync impacts of the all-important sound effects added by the talented crew) are all in place. It feels quite feasible that tigress Amber proves to be more than a match for the hulks, despite receiving some hefty blows to her face and belly in turn.
    This video has a good running time for its straightforward setup. Love the finish where she chokes out the guys simultaneously. I am sure you can work out how she does it even without looking at the stills!

  2. daniel Says:

    There are ballbusting here?

  3. Fanmax Says:

    She kicks one guy in the nuts about a minute in and there’s something of that once or twice when she takes both on in the ring.

  4. Mariah Says:

    Because of the awesome ballbusting moves on that hit male JOE from the “Who Dares Kickass” clip, I got inspired to buy this too. Both men are hot aND three ballbusting clips. These two are hot and it takes two major elements for me to buy a video is if they are hot dudes with tons of ballbusting and good aftermath. I look forward to more. My hope is maybe bring back some of the very gorgeous black men from the previous kickasskandy films such as St. Kick ass. That black guy was gorgeous and I hope to see more like him with more ballbusting. This video here is definitely nice for us fans of hot men getting hit down there.

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