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AISH, THE BLACK BELT BALLERINA, IS BACK! When a cute little secretary stumbles across an ultimate soldier serum she turns into a deadly one woman fighting machine.  Dressed in a skirt, stockings and heels, this girl takes on a small army of thieves – destroying them with a dazzling array of high kicks and unarmed combat. She then decides to really play with these men with 2 more outfit changes including her catsuit and thigh high leather boots….and really lets loose on them, beating 2, then 3 guys up at the same time. She went to work a Secretary and came home a high heeled Ninja – Aish is absolutely on fire, her movement is balletic, poetic and super athletic. 

4 Responses to “JUSTICE KANDY”

  1. Mick Says:

    Is there any foot choking/neck trample scene?

  2. opponent12 Says:

    I’m liking the trend with Aish, this and Who Dares Kickass were both really awesome!

  3. Arthur James Mckenzie Says:

    Does anybody knowmif the kandy girl gets hit at least once in this video? The previous videos had the kandy girls take some damage. A welcome change of pace. Does Aish take punishment as she dishes out?

  4. Plato Ip Says:

    Aish machine gun punches are awesome

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