Judge Kickass Movie + Interview (HD)

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Judge Kickass Movie + Interview (HD)

MOVIE & INTERVIEW DOUBLE FEATURE!  What happens when the World’s most dangerous criminal is released to Kix for justice?  Find out in Judge Kickass!  Dressed to kill in skin tight blue neon and razor sharp heels, Kix is about to deliver the kind of justice that will have criminals running in fear.  Pain is only for starters….humiliation is the main course…..but what’s for desert? Totally dominant girl fighting action with world champion kickboxer Kix in kickass heaven!  SET INCLUDES FULL MOVIE + RARE 14 MINUTE KIX INTERVIEW.


9 Responses to “Judge Kickass Movie + Interview (HD)”

  1. HighHeelsLover Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish she would have taken her shoes off in the middle to appeal to a bigger audience!!! But really well done!!

  2. “Judge Kickass” from KickAssKandy — Heroine Movies Says:

    […] the movie, but snaps his neck in this downloadable extra. Works for me. Purchase Judge Kickass at KickAssKandy Related PostsIndecent Kickass from KickAssKandy“Kickass Unchained” from KickAssKandy […]

  3. David Tong Says:

    the pinning against wall with the bottom of her high heels is the best. Please do more with longer period of time to torture and then kill the bad guys slowly applying pressure to the neck thank you please

  4. David Tong Says:

    Kandyman, believe it or not, I have been with your website since the VERY FIRST day it launched in 2010 and have been a fan. But this video with KIX is the BEST ONE I have seen yet. especially the interview part is something nice and fresh. PLease do more of the similar videos. We want more! The only thing I would like to see more is the execution part should be a lot longer with the heel on the neck to make the bad guy suffer. and instead of snapping his neck it would have better effect if Kix can slowly apply pressure to choke him to death. thats way more sexier than a neck snap.


  5. David Tong Says:

    She did take her shoes off which is really sexy and need to be in every clip from now on.

  6. bruno Says:

    Wow, what a body…

  7. Jo Says:

    OMG! This is seriously one of the best videos I’ve seen KAK! It ‘made ​​everything very well, nice camera work, editing, photography. And Kix? Here there is simply one of her finest performances! She is beautiful, sexy, skilled in combat … and ruthless. Just as it should be a real girl who justice the guys wicked. Personally I find it very interesting and also the idea of the interview with her that keeps him under. And the rapid execution is fine, because it comes after some preparation … in short, is more original and interesting than a slow pressure on the neck of the victim, etc.. Maybe Tarantino would put it in one of his movies, eh eh … many words and then … CRACK! Ok, this is still my personal idea. I would love to see more like Kix girl executioner, and, oh, if she took away her shoes during the fight and finish the job barefoot … it would be the best!
    She could still be in a video like this, please?

  8. David Tong Says:

    can we have another excution video like this? but make the killing part a lot longer like have kix put her foot on the neck much longer and give him a slow excution! make another one!

  9. David Tong Says:

    can we make another one like this?

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