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The President of a secret Government Agency is about to be assassinated and there are only 2 girls who can stop it and they’re in catsuits, skin tight mini dress and thigh high boots and they’re ready for action. Armed with their lethal fists and powerful legs these deadly fighting females are about to unleash their full girl fighting ferocity on these ruthless assassins and destroy but will they be in time? 

6 Responses to “JF KICKASS MOVIE”

  1. Cet Says:


  2. Joseph Says:

    I did like this. Everytime I tune into your videos I look to see if their are any ballbusting going on. If there are especially with the handsome black guys, especially the one in this video I buy it fast. I love it. I’m glad I saw one, but I wish there were more, with a reaction. Aside of that, the ladies are awesome as always and everyone on set on this are good actors and stuntmen. Keep it up! 2013!

  3. Joseph R Says:

    And a longer reaction to the hit to the nuts would be awesome too. Again, great episode.

  4. me Says:

    I agree. More ballbusting would be awesome!
    ps: where’s high kicks?

  5. Ian Says:

    I agree with Joseph more ballbusting would be great would buy every vid. The reactions of the guy need to be better and the blow needs to be on camera, would be great if the girls teased or taunted the guys.

    Joseph you know any other sites vids with mixed fighting ballbusting?

  6. kilmister Says:

    please much mooooree ballbusting

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