Hawaii Five Kick Ass Pt 1

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Hawaii Five Kick Ass Pt 1

One of Vixen’s grasses, Huggy Bore, no relation, has been rumbled and has been incarcerated in an enemy lair. She needs the word on the street – she needs him out, all she has to do is beat her way through the entire enemy guard to free him. Easy. She may bake a souffle afterwards so the day doesn’t go without a challenge.

One Response to “Hawaii Five Kick Ass Pt 1”

  1. Jacky Says:

    This video was awesome! I’m sure I’m probably in the minority on this…but as hot as the women are, I really love watching the hot guys getting beat up. On occasion, perhaps a guy can team with the girls and deliver a blow or two. Nonetheless, this is an awesome vid!

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