NEW KANDYGIRL HAYWIRE!  She’s the toughest Bounty Hunter in all of Kandyland, a lethal martial artist with nerves of steel and she always gets her man – she’s Haywire!  Today she’s tracked down the arch bastard Jordan Henderson  BUT her rival Bounty Hunter has got there at the same time and only one of them can bring him in.  These two rivals are about to engage in the fiercest of battles – Haywire, dressed in her killer boots, unleashes a maelstrom of devastating kicks and with her leather gloved hands delivers unimaginable pain.  She is a force of nature, delivering a punch after punch and kick after kick, loving every minute of it BUT her foe is no fool and his revenge strikes make this a battle not to be missed!


  1. frank Says:

    great introductory videos for the beautiful Haywire! She has it all: Charisma, beauty athletism. hope to see more of her. She beats up her guy pretty badly, but does it staying feminine and fighting like a woman. He is clearly no match for her and she shows no mercy for him at the end… but after all she warned him.

  2. erpitta the cuck Says:

    just go watch ballbusting vids then damn

  3. erpitta Says:

    This is ridiculous: “Just in case anybody asks about ballbusting, there is just one measly knee in the nuts”, that is my previous comment, is awaiting moderation. The next one which is an insult to me is still here.

    There is just a measly offscreen bust in this video.

    Dear site owner or manager, If you fear comments like these then this isn’t the business for you and you deserve to go broke. Hiding comments because they disclose whether videos contain ballbusting or not means you can’t sell them for their contents.

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