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When Emmanuelle, the most flexible, elegant and utterly brutal fighting girl in the world, finds out that her boyfriend has cheated on her she takes her time and pleasure to beat him up with the most exquisite array of girl fighting moves known to womankind. This lethal martial artist has the highest and deadliest kick of all time! Indecent Kickass is girl fighting dripping in sex appeal and men can’t help but fall in love with Emmanuelle!


  1. Riles195 Says:

    Emanuelle is awsome, very, very sexy & flexible with a fantastic body and lovely long legs, just right for those wonderful high kicks, she looks fab in those boots too, brilliant video, looking forward to seeing more of her soon.

  2. Enki Says:

    Oh wonderful leg wiith long leg and very flexible body girl. When she punch / kick, she use her body move to hit hardly, like a expert martial arts.
    She is the most credible.
    I hope to see more video of her

  3. Charl Henr Says:

    really superb this kickass indecent, Savater his opponent with agility and flexibility make the action even more sensual, pity she does not kick in the parts of his opponent;

  4. 75945ww Says:

    please no shorts

  5. Johnjp3 Says:

    You guy’s out done yourselves with this one, just fabulous.

  6. Fanmax Says:

    Love it when the girls beat up cheating boyfriends who are twice their size. Emmanuelle is so stylish, sexy and in great shape (she’d have to be to take on the guys, in this case the good-looking regular who I think is called Jon). Almost worth getting a kick in the nuts for, I’d say…

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