Diamonds are for Kick Ass

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Diamonds are for Kick Ass

After a night out Vixen and Agent Scholes go back home to find a dangerous thief rifling through their appartment. After witnessing the demolition of Scholes, Vixen rips the robber apart with a flurry of lethal kicking and punching only to find he’s an enemy agent and a small army are on their way. Such is the seriousness of the situation she quickly changes into her catsuit and boots and beats the crap out of all these elite troops. This is Vixen, it was never a fair fight.

8 Responses to “Diamonds are for Kick Ass”

  1. Tony Says:

    Vixen is always hot but here is sizzling, absolutely amazing, best video I have purchased form KickassKandy, more Vixen in high heels and miniskirt Please!!!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Vixen incredible. Absolutely hot and amazing. Im perfectly in according with Tony. Vixen is magnificient but in high heels and miniskirt absoluty irresistible. I wait also for tight.
    Thank you kandyman for the amazing film.

  3. Mike Says:

    This is the best clip ever. Vixen’s fighting skills are superb and she looks fantastic in both her black dress and her catsuit. I much prefer to see girls fighting wearing dresses or skirts but Vixen looks so
    hot in either, it’s hard to choose! I love it when one of Kandyman’s girls knocks out a guy. There are plenty of knockouts in this clip but the best one by far is Vixen!
    More please!!!!!

  4. Graves78 Says:

    This movie truly represents the uniqueness of this site – not because it features a beautiful woman and serious ass-kicking, but because it clearly shows that the director carefully studied the comments and forum posts and wanted to make a movie which pleases everyone (and, I think, he succeeded brilliantly, judging from the praising comments and stellar ratings). This movie is clearly made for the fans, so it’s impossible not to love it.
    A forum poll showed that most people prefer kicks over punches – well, this movie contains an abundance of beautifully choreographed kicks and significantly lesser (but still nicely choreographed) number of punches and chops. The moves are also carefully selected to appeal to everyone’s taste – including high kicks, knees, stomps, the unforgettable Vixen kick from “Silence of the Kick Ass” (this time performed in catsuit and boots, AND repeated three times), and my all-time favorite move, the repeated headkicks with one leg.
    It’s also a great idea that Vixen changes her outfit during the movie – this way, every viewer gets what he wants. Sexy dress? Miniskirt? Catsuit? Boots? High-heeled shoes? It’s all in one movie.
    A must buy.

  5. dekker05 Says:


  6. Khosrowshahiamirali Says:


  7. Zanesilver1 Says:

    Would have been worth the price of admission just to watch this pulverizing pin-up saunter around in that hot black dress. The fact that her huge, beaming smile never leaves her face as she thrashes this poor bastard with her skilled fists and sculpted, deadly legs is just so EVIL. Hot as hell but evil. KAK kicks ass, and I’m begging for more of Vixen wrecking dudes while wearing sexy dresses and pumps.

  8. Xheel Says:

    do they really fight???

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