Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get on the wrong side of Kix! to be on the receiving end of her punches, knocked out by her brutal kicks, smacked around by her knees to face, high kicked in the face by her leather boots, pinned under her booted heels? Well, here’s your chance in this incredible 20 minute epic, this is POV mixed with regular Kick Ass fight action, as you face Kix, dressed all in leather as she tries to beat vital information out of you – a hardened, uncrackable criminal.

This is an incredibly, intimate experience, it’s you alone with kix.

scarykandy (1)


  1. Anonymous_1 Says:

    Wow Kix looks terrific! (I know you folk aren’t into it) but I would love her to ballbust me in those boots! 😉

  2. Fanmax Says:

    The slow deliberation where she kicks off those less enticing sneakers, then puts on long black leather boots and gloves as she promises to beat the guy up is a turn-on. Even though there’s too much (unusually long at near 15 minutes) POV for my taste ‘Kix sustains it very well. The most exciting bit is when we see the guy on view being pummeled, mainly in the last 4 minutes (strangely no attempt to retaliate). I love watching her in sizzling action and making quips as she lays into her captive.

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