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AISH & JADE in the BATTLE OF THE YEAR! The girls are getting dressed up to go to the SAS ball their home is infiltrated by an army of thugs, the girls just want to go to the ball but the guys have been sent to destroy them – so ferocious battle commences. Dressed in glamorous evening wear and sexy killer heels the girls effortlessly start destroying the militia men,  Aish using her high kicking ballerina agility and Jade using her street fighting power to pulverise. When beating down one guy feels too easy the girls each take on 2 and 3 guys at the same time and even when it becomes clear they’re no match for these karate vixens the men give one last push and fight to the death….but who’s death will it be?

7 Responses to “WHO DARES KICKASS”

  1. Mariah Says:

    I actually enjoyed this!!!! My favorite foe in this was the one that took the split punch and he is super hot. The girls are great and there are several ballbusts for those of us fans of it. I hope they do more ballbusts with more after maths with that hot dude and more hot dudes.

  2. Kyle Says:

    He is also my favorite! He is very very hot! I quite enjoy to watch him get his balls busted. His name is Joe.
    The clip is good but I wish you can remove the masks. Joe is hot enough and he doesn’t need a mask!

  3. jack kay Says:

    Oh man this is amazing… the best is when the ladies fully embrace their femininity, and this one had the most of it since the best of Mata Hari. The men are getting seduced and toyed with, not just getting beaten up. Also loved the Louboutins, and I also thought watching them each beat up their foes simultaneously as opposed to one at a time was a really good touch- it made the dominance even more apparent.

  4. jack kay Says:

    to be clear, the femininity is hugely present in most KAK movies, but this brings it up to an extra level

  5. Ahamd Fathy Says:

    What’s Jade true name ?

  6. Fanmax Says:

    Superb. Those talented KAK girls and guys have done it again. Agree with the comments about the often overlooked guys and as ever the gals, honey blondes here, have fab figures. Utterly lovely Jade has a cool, forthright yet classy style and wry humour (brings to mind a English version of the fabulous Emmanuelle) which could fast be making her a new audience fave. Aish, notwithstanding a slight accent would be a dead ringer, should anyone consider remaking (in black and white?) the Avengers TV series 1960s style, for Honor Blackman’s groundbreaking Cathy Gale role. As ever the sound FX are right tasty, fight choreography and timing impeccable. At the finish we don’t just get one ballbust either.

  7. opponent12 Says:

    This is my favorite movie so far, the choreography, girls, and move variety are on point

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