Cool Hand Kick Ass

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Cool Hand Kick Ass

Drax Corp have been taking out Government Ministers all over the world, where MI5, CIA and JLS have failed the Kandygirls will succeed. 3 girls viciously take down 12 men without remorse. Remorse was shopping with her mum.

3 Responses to “Cool Hand Kick Ass”

  1. Graves78 Says:

    It can be rightfully labeled as an “epic movie”, since it doubtlessly contains the greatest number of Kandygirls and stuntmen – as a result, the eager watcher can witness more butt-kicking then ever before, with each girl taking on at least 4 guys apiece.
    The always skilled and professional Hi-Kix perhaps a little (just a little) underused this time, but she’s still featured in some good fights (…and some even better camera angles!) 🙂
    It was good to see Vixen again – it’s amazing how much she can change her looks (hair etc.) in every single movie she appears, yet always remains just as gorgeous. She also gets the biggest fight in the movie – against three guys simultaneously -, and the greatest move as well, where she knocks out all three opponents at once with a simple roundhouse kick.
    Sorry for being subjective, but for me, the greatest visual effect of the movie was (again) the inclusion of Mata Hari. This girl is nothing short of amazing – her smile, her face, her movement… I could never tire of watching her, even if she would just stand in one place and wouldn’t fight at all (which is, luckily, NOT the case).
    The action is well-balanced, with an appr. equal number of punches and kicks, and a nice scissor scene, as well. Two thumbs up!

  2. Andrea Says:

    This film is epic.
    Kix, Vixen, Mata.
    Incredible actions and one of the most interesting situation of all the times: Vixen vs three men, simply amazing. She beats them so easy.
    Three incredible girls for an awesome film.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Ninja Says:


    I bought this video today. It was pretty good although, I hope you guys do a video on ballbusting those gorgeous black guys. I have a huge thing for that. I bought this one in hopes there would be any just like in the Dawn of Kick Ass, which I liked better for that reason. Yeah, I’m silly, but that’s what I like to spend my money on. I hope you guys really do a new video and take that into consideration. Thanks. 🙂

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