Two of the cockiest girls in Kandyland dish out the ultimate mass beatdown. Amber and JJ have been sent to train a squad of elite soldiers but these killers don’t seem to take the girls seriously…big mistake!  Each girl takes on up to 3 guys at a time, inflicting total pain and complete humiliation. Dressed in boots, hot pants and PVC, these girls are dressed to kill and their kickboxing, high kicking, gymnastic dominance is embarrassing for these tough guys and they’re about to learn the lesson of a lifetime.


  1. Fanmax Says:

    It’s always fun to see outnumbered girls make the ‘competition’ wipe the floor. The photographing, the girls and the action are handled brilliantly. It would be nice however if some of that female invulnerability were allowed to slip now and then and have men that can actually fight. About time the guys were given some decent togs too (or, if that can’t be managed have some take their shirts off). I laughed at their futile bellypunch efforts.

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