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Latex wearing Supermodel Dominatrix Gold wants to show off to her brand new sidekick MILF, so together they carjack a shiny new BMW, beat up both bad boy drivers and take the car all for themselves. Gold not only beats her man up badly but she gets intimate, dominating him along the way, pinning him under her sexy boots whilst punching and kicking his face in! She takes her physical superiority to a new level by offering her guy the car back if he can beat her and even offers him a few free shots but she knows it’ll never happen. MILF, in her Herve Leger bandage dress gets in to her action like a woman possessed and batters her driver to bits!  Epic and beautiful dangerous sexy action from the Kandygirls!!

4 Responses to “CARJACK KANDY”

  1. Mike Says:

    Wow…I thought the films recently were lacking originality but this one almost has it all!!!
    great attitude… super dominating attitude… nice original moves… lovely sounds from gold as she makes her strikes…. some sexy camera angles and the dialogue…wow! in a few moments you will be knocked out….. fantastic. I thought the brassy blonde was good too …especially he dragging and punchout ending…. would like to see more of her!!!! heep em coming mr Kandy!!! 5 Star!!!

  2. Ro Says:

    Love these girls. Love the outfits. BRAVO!!! More!!! Keep the catsuits and boots coming.

  3. Ian Says:

    Love the knees to the balls, great re action from the guy and unlike other movies you get to see connect with the groin not with the inside leg.

    Some stockings on one of the girls would be great.

    With ballbusting action of this quality I would buy every vid and so would the while bb community.

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