Better Call Kickass

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Better Call Kickass

End to end intense Kix Action with a twist!  The Badass Corp are conjuring up another idiotic world domination plot but as usual, they can’t do it sensibly – they have to do it the hard way.  When Kix gets an offer to join the Dark Side it’s too good to ignore but she has to go through a number of tests to prove herself, each one more intense fight action than the last. Dressed in leather jacket, boots and shorts she’s feeling invincible and ready to swing those lethal legs, fists and knees at anyone that dares face her. The question is… can she pass ALL of the tests? and if she does, what next? Prepare for high octane Kix action and maybe even a nice little twist.

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  1. Fanmax Says:

    Wow! This pushed all the right buttons for me. Ever since ‘Kandy got into rivalry with its formidable ‘Femmes sister site it has continued from strength to strength and this is the best yet. Wonderful Kix has moved in the same trajectory. I adored her get-up, tough yet very sexy. Looking like that she can beat a password out of me anytime (though think I’d pass on her working my fingers over as she does to the hostage guy. Yee-ouch!).
    I enjoy that if guns are pulled they’re quickly dispensed with and it’s soon settled with good old fantastical but raw to-the-face/body fisticuffs and kicks (and maybe the odd karate chop?). I especially enjoyed here that in the final duel with the tough boss guy it’s not always obvious who will win.

    Additional comment.
    1) There is, as is usual, consistent high standard in all departments. Action choreography, lighting, superb sound effects (so only occasional light background music necessary), snappy cryptic humourous writing, costuming (well, for the girl as is the unbroken rule, natch). Then there’s the directing/deft camerawork, editing, the ensemble acting expertly maintaining the lighthearted tone, and so on. All these things deserve tangible credit. You do it for the girls, but of course they are incredible.

    2) I think that the Kickass enterprise SELLS ITSELF SHORT by not naming in its video mini-films nor on its browser those who contribute behind the scenes, nor the selfless guys getting pummeled onscreen (is that chap called Jon?). I’m astonished that, say, a list of crew and all the cast is not given at the end of these productions (no need to hold up the start of the action!) especially when of this quality.

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