AISH AND ERICA – THE TWO DEADLIEST, HIGH KICKING, FLEXIBLE, GYMNASTIC UNDERCOVER AGENTS ON THE PLANET, IN KICKASS ACTION. For the first time in Kickass history the two black belt ballerinas combine to form the deadliest DEA partnership ever. Aish,  in THAT incredible leather dress and Erica, dressed in skin tight latex have gone undercover at the 2 wealthiest drug rackets in town and their job is to smash the businesses, and everyone that works there, into oblivion. These 2 high heeled booted beauties let their lethal bodies loose on this gang of bastards, unleashing high kicking, karate chopping and kick boxing hell. Total arrogance, total dominance – Aish and Erica.


5 Responses to “BLADE KICKASS”

  1. dxp Says:

    Erica is stunning and has really come into her own physically, but it would be nice if she was given at least a couple lines during the fight- what makes KaK great is not just the action, but seeing the women verbally demean and emasculate the boys

  2. dave Says:

    Hey, KAK. Would you be able to start labeling your videos when they have groin attacks? I could see from the preview video that there was at least one, but others aren’t as clear.

    And you obviously have a big ball busting following if you’ve paid any attention to the comments.


  3. Tyranus Says:

    I´m Still missing Silver, that badass kandy girl.

    More barefeet also, and neckbreaks with legs or feet.

  4. Ian Says:

    Totoally agree with Dave’s point re ballbusting I would but everyone if I knew they had a few low blows in and what type ie knee kick squeeze and punch

  5. jonathan mortenson Says:

    I totally agree with adding Ballbusting in your videos along with labeling the videos or photo sets that have this type of kick/blow so I can buy those. It is unimaginable a woman would deliver 100 blows to a group of guys and not go for the balls.

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