Beautiful but deadly Angel debuts in Battlekandy 2020! This stunning seductress torments her men with her dazzling combat skills as she takes on her mission with Kandygirl sidekick Skarlet.  When a Government Minister leaves a hard drive crammed with the nations secrets at the Scouse Embassy the girls are tasked with infiltrating, retrieving and inflicting lots of pain.  Dressed in their sexy evening wear and heels these girls are dressed to fight and take out the entire security force with their deadly legs and fists before finding the hard drive. More stunning mixed fighting action from market leaders KAK. BUY THE FILM AND GET FREE BONUS PHOTOSET

4 Responses to “BATTLEKANDY 2020 + bonus!”

  1. STEP73 Says:

    Angel is real devastating beauty! She has proper sex appeal. Cute girl with “correct” shape (tiny and slim), and magical big brown eyes. She demolish big bad guys with ease and so elegant way! She’s invincible, irresistible, and simply perfect! A really good newcomer for KAK team. She and her partner in fight, beat down not less than twenty guys in this movie: I love it! I think this short “girlie” film worth every penny! I hope we will see Angel in action very soon!

  2. Rene Says:

    I really like to see the new girl in a Kick Ass Femmes Video, this would be awesome

  3. Fanmax Says:

    When one of the girls says “I learned that at Finishing School” I think she meant “finishing off”. Whatever; those schools sound more fun than generally imagined. I agree, Angel is gorgeous and hope to see more of her, in KAF as well as in KAK and/or Bad Ass Kandy.

  4. Dhananjay Tomar Says:

    Just bought it and watched. The brown girl has extraordinary sex appeal. Just the kind that’s needed for KAK videos. Wish I could see more of her.

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