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BADASS WEEKEND DOUBLE BILL! RED AND SILVER USE THEIR BRUTE FORCE AND TIGHT BODIES TO GET WHAT THEY WANT! armed in Catsuits and boots, these two badass girls are after some cool hard cash and after kidnapping some high roller businessmen they set about beating the information out of them until they can take no more!

  • JAY

    I bought this after the other. Also no ballbusts. I kinda want my money back, but I loved the girls.

  • Fanmax

    Could have played for longer if the losers weren’t so pathetic. Ok it was exciting to watch all the same (I still think that the guys should have put up more of a fight to keep it ramped up further). Nice to see this eye-candy twosome in action. Red in particular is one of my favourite baaad girls. She is so mercilessly cool with putting the boot in, the body-slamming and delivering those vicious down-swipe karate chops!

  • ronald1216

    they can choke me anytime