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Kix and Bombshell are catsuited up an heading off to pick flowers in the meadow when they cross into the wrong side of town and come face to face with a gang of sadistic maniacs. The flowers can wait. The girls spring into violent action taking apart every member of the gang, knocking them all out cold. The Kandygirls rip these mad men apart with ease, spin kicking, knock out punching and knee pulverising them into unconsciousness – enjoying every minute of it!

9 Responses to “ATTACK THE KICKASS”

  1. Tim19900820 Says:

    Kix is the best in action and this is her best clip in the whole website. Absolutely devastating!

  2. Andles4Forks Says:

    Two of the most gorgeous ladies i’ve ever seen!!! Kix as beautiful as ever and looking divine in that black catsuit whilst really delivering some fabulous kicks! She really is first class!
    First time i’ve seen this Bombshell, and WOW! She really is a bombshell alright, proper stunning!!! Looking incredible in that metallic catsuit with a really sexy attitude. Very beautiful face too… her best feature IMHO 🙂
    Hope to see these two cuties alot more in future! Forever in Catsuits I hope 😉

  3. Chris Says:


  4. JadeOwl Says:

    Extraordinary video! Even by the high standards of KAK, the action in this video is outstanding.

    The girls deliver machinegun-fast punches and kicks and every single one looks like it really connected and hurt like hell. Bombshell, and specially Kix deliver perfectly choreographed fighting, and the stuntmen on the receiving end do such a great job selling the pain that they complement each other beautifully.

    On that note, a detail that I particularly liked on this video is that this time around the goons really put on a (completely futile) effort to fight back against the girls. A couple of them even manage to connect once or twice per fight with blows that actually hurt the girls. They never get in more than that, and they pay for it painfully and in full, but the fact that they try lifts the quality of the action considerably.

    This is one of the best videos I’ve ever bought online, and that’s coming from a guy who always buys almost exclusively F/F. I highly recommend it for everyone.

  5. Davidtongg Says:

    how come no throat chock action? please have throat chock under boot action for each clip. let it be KIX finish move please. Anyone agree?

  6. RJ Says:

    Love this video, these two are awesome. Looks so real and love when Kix gave him the back kick ball buster. That should be in every clip.

  7. Redleaderk2 Says:

    Best video I have seen so far on either of your sites. Loved the sound effects and of course the lovely ladies and their attitudes. Great skin tight outfits! Reverse knee neck crush was delicious. Always like to see neck scissoring. Wish it had that with the goon between her crotch facing away and watch her toy with him.

    Especially liked it when the goon hit her rock hard stomach and hurt his hand but not her. Someday I’d love to see superpowered ladies destroy the goons. Some silly FX added into the fun.

  8. RJ Says:

    Love this site! Keep the catsuits and boots coming!

  9. Joseph Says:

    My favorite part was at 8:24 where she back kicked his nuts. I just was begging she would ballbust him some more and he would come with a much longer and painful reaction. Other than that… all four of cast members are awesome and the choreography is great!

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