atomic kickass one

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atomic kickass one

CAT & NEW KANDYGIRL HAYWIRE STAR IN KICK ASS ACTION! When 2 spies head out to destroy an evil Sorceress they find themselves ill equipped for her kickass combat strength but they have a secret that could eventually destroy her…if they can survive her devastating kicks and punches.  Supermodel Cat and her thigh high boots are back in kick ass fight action and the high kicking Haywire impresses on her debut. Watch for the twists and turns as both girls devastate their male opponents. 

One Response to “atomic kickass one”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    This is Part 1 and already Cat has her fullest role yet. Go girl, looking forward to her next episode! Chicks look so sexy in long boots and, figure-enhancing other option to catsuits, jodhpurs. This certainly applies also to slinky newcomer Haywire. Good to see a bit of femme vs femme action here. The chappies are incorporated into the action and there’s a sci-fi angle. Again great crunch/crack sound fx with the volume turned up.

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