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IT’S SIMPLE. BUY ALPHA KICKASS AND PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR WORLD ROCKED. THIS IS DIVA AND SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL, FEARSOME, ACROBATIC, ULTRA FLEXIBLE, GYMNASTIC, FIGHTING GODDESS. FACT. In her mind blowing debut Diva takes on an army of men with her incredible body and a bag of the sexiest boots and heels in the world. Before every fight she selects the perfect footwear to destroy her opponent and then launches into the most stunning gymnastic

fighting display you’ve ever seen. This is Diva and Alpha Kickass is the most explosive debut since the big bang itself.


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25 Responses to “ALPHA KICKASS (HD)”

  1. rj Says:

    She is hot!!! I hope to see her a lot more!!!

  2. JP M Says:

    Kix and Emmanuelle are nothing compared to her !!!!
    MORE !!!!

  3. thyforiar Says:

    Wow, look at that body and that flexibility!
    Can she flex some more?
    Please ???

  4. Simon Says:

    Please post more!

  5. sam Says:

    Wow, She has an Amazing Body. I definitely want to see more of her. Nice tits!!

  6. danny Says:

    Those abs!
    Those legs!
    That smile!
    She is a goddess!!
    The next 10 movies must be hers!
    I really loved that abs of steel part! So cute!

  7. Steve Says:

    Those knees to the face………..AMAZING

  8. John M. Says:

    WOW !!!

  9. RJ Says:

    OMG..would love to see diva and kix do a movie together

  10. Richard Says:

    Sexy outfit – checked
    Fighting Skills – checked
    Great Body – checked
    Cocky Attitude – checked
    Man kill – checked
    Diva just became my most favorite KAK girl… Please keep her movies coming…

  11. Eric Says:

    The best female fighter on the web!
    And those gymnastic skills WOW!!!!

  12. Bart T Says:

    What a woman !!!!!

  13. Sven Says:

    I just can’t stop watching this clip !!!

  14. JD Says:

    Great new addition to the Kick Ass Kandy crew.. Love the abs of steel, and the use of different boots. Red is definately more dangerous. Diva rocks in so many ways. Looking forward to seeing more of her in future KAK.

  15. Cider385 Says:

    She is strong and beautiful.
    Her clothes and boots fit and are very sexy.
    I would like to see more the figure in which she plays an active part.

  16. Jo Says:

    Diva is amazing. I’m amazed by her gymnast-fighter style. I look forward to seeing her again! Please, can you replicate, in her next videos, exactly all the things she does in this smashing debut?
    -Still victory pose on downed opponent
    -Still choice of boots / shoes
    -Still great barefoot acrobatics and barefoot flying kicks
    -Still high-kicks with boots
    -Still hand to hand combat with strangulation / elbow strikes
    .Still barefoot trampling
    -Still flexion / stretching of the body
    -Still fists on her abs of steel
    And, above all, still cocky attitude, big smiles and laughter especially when she combat hand to hand and striking, defeats (and possibly kills) her opponents males. Thanks from now.

  17. HarleyKing Says:


  18. ManOfSteel99 Says:

    Kix is a stronger fighter!!

    Kix has more toughness!!

    Diva is great too, Emmanuelle too.

  19. ManOfSteel99 Says:

    Me too

  20. ZEID Says:

    the best video :

  21. Roy Says:

    Fantastic… Kix seems to be more realistic when she fights… but Diva is the sexiest kandy of all time… perfect body… when she’ll learn to be more realistic she will be perfect… waiting for some other videos hoping for some latex and, sure, some more heels and high kicks…

  22. Jo Says:

    Well, Kix is simply great in her videos and has her own personal style. But Diva has a unique fighting style! Personally I’m looking forward to seeing her again make her amazing acrobatics and break down her male opponents with her flying kicks, barefoot! And the change of shoes? Great too, very seductive … I’d like to review that as well.

  23. ManOfSteel99 Says:

    I agree with you. I too like her unique fighting style and looking forward to seeing more of Diva’s movies!! I just did not think it was right for someone to say that Kix and Emmanuelle are nothing compared to her when they are great too.

  24. Jo Says:

    Sure. Each of them has a very own fighting style. And, yes, all three are great protagonists of their great videos! I’d like to see them again soon in action!

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