Posted on: March 8, 2013
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AJ stars as the devastatingly destructive domme in AJ V THE ARMY. These renegade soldiers have never known pain and humiliation like this before as this one woman militia throws them around like rag dolls to instill the army discipline they’ve all been missing. AJ is a force of nature, beating up bad boy soldiers is a mere hobby for this ferocious femme fatale. Over 100 incredible Hi Res images for your pleasure.

Price: £ 4.99

2 Responses to “AJ V THE ARMY (PHOTOSET)”

  1. John c Says:

    Great set. I love the outfit on her, VERY sexy. Shows a lot of skin, and the colors work great with her looks. Those high heels are SO sexy, and I’m not all that into footwear.

    AJ is so gorgeous, just insanely hot. And she knows how to work the camera, the poses and facial expressions enhance her sexiness even more. In particular, I really like some of the shots with her punching, knee kicks, and holding her victim down. There are even a few scissor type hold pics which are simply delicious. Also some good shots of her smiling at the camera playfully, either while standing over her defeated enemies or with them bowing to her in submission. I liked some of these a lot too. As always, the picture quality is fantastic.

  2. Jules Says:

    Will this be a video?

    Those shoes! Holy Christ! Those shoes!

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