THE INCREDIBLE ALL ACTION DIVA STARS AS THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST SECRETARY.  In stockings, high heels and a tight pencil skirt Diva is dressed for her unique brand of brutal, athletic, sexy ass kicking action. Hired by a Company Executive to defend him from a gang of extortionist thugs Diva manages to tease, humiliate and beat up all of them without even breaking a nail.  BONUS – buy the film and get a FREE PHOTOSET included.

4 Responses to “300 – RISE OF KICKASS (HD) FILM & PHOTO”

  1. MatijaBarajac Says:

    Diva is beautiful and dangerous.

  2. MatijaBarajac Says:

    The male characters give poor reaction to Diva’s kicks and punches sometimes, like they feel very little pain, and that makes Diva’s attacks look weak sometimes. I think male characters should express more pain and show better self-preserving reactions.
    But fighting was very good none the less. Diva really dominates in fighting with confidence without breaking a nail.
    It is dangerous to be on a receiving end of her pointy toe high heels.
    Every man needs such secretary.

  3. Fanmax Says:

    Of all your super girls Diva is the coolest yet. You’ve just got to love a girl that can take care of herself when mean guys keep interrupting her “busy” schedule. Also note those well-arranged changes in decor and furniture which give the office setting class, showing the increasing polish of your productions. She can beat me up anytime!

  4. Miz Says:

    I repeat diva has to be the best star kandyman has ever casted….by far!

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