12 Angry Badass

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12 Angry Badass

BAK ON KAK!  Amazon, Silver and Gold are catsuited and booted in this girl fight epic! These badass girls are in the mood for a crime spree, this means using their perfect bodies as lethal weapons to rob, humiliate and destroy their victims along the way. In their skin tight catsuits and thigh high leather boots these girls use their awesome karate, kickboxing and unflinching confidence to dish out incredible beat downs.  12 Angry Badass is possibly the greatest ever BadassKandy.com release and is now available on KickassKandy.com

BONUS!  To add a little spice to the Xmas Mix we’ve included a 100 action photoset of these girls glorious action.

7 Responses to “12 Angry Badass”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Any info on video resolution, size and filetype?
    Already got this one years ago but the res is low at 640 x 360 in .MOV
    If this is Hi-res then I may just get again as this really is the best clip.

  2. kandyman Says:

    Good question. I just know it’s 414MB and .Mov I hope that helps?

  3. Leo Says:

    Hey great video, more of Bad Ass Kandy please. In special Silver….

  4. Viller Says:

    Resurrect Badass kandy again.

  5. Kitara Ninja Says:

    Alright. I bought it and gave it 4/5 stars.

    I bought it cause I find the black guy and the slender white guy sexy and they both take a ballbust. There are videos I bought simply cause of the slender guy cause not only does he take the ballbusts, but he sells the aftermath and that’s very important. The black guy gets 3.5 stars cause his reaction wasn’t as powerful and I know he can do better.

    I will say kickasskandy had improved with better ballbusts and reactions. However, I miss the diversity and having these two from badasskandy or someone looking like the both of them hired taking a ton of ballbusts. That plus powerful reactions are a money maker.

    I only took out one star cause I am not fond of the other henchmen. With that said, I love Badasskandy.

  6. TheBull Says:

    My favorites are Silver, Diva, Vixen… maybe some others as there’s always new characters.. the new upcoming video looks promising. Action preference, back and forth fighting, with plenty of uppercuts (punches), knees, elbows to the gut. Mixed in with general back and forth action.. just a thought;)

  7. TheBull Says:

    Oh yeah, and I like Red too!! In fact I like them all, these 4 are just the current favorites. Call it a X-mas wish

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